Wednesday, September 28, 2011

If I was in LA...

I have this very great idea(which usually means that others consider it as a not so great idea...dunno why is that) anyhow, my idea is to make an intro video for HitRECords Fall Formal. As Joe asked us to do thing he said was 'you can do it in different languages'. Well, I would do it at least in 4 languages, maybe 5 if I have the courage. But, Finnish,French,Swedish and of course in English. I guess that they would not use my other languages expect maybe Finnish, but I really really want to try and do this. I'm so unsecure about myself as an actress but this would be so simple thing to do that maybe I would manage? And this is how I could be a part of the Fall Formal, because naturally I can't go. The reason is simple, I'm here in boring,ugly Finland and the event is held in beautiful,sunny,exciting city of Los Angeles. So, basiclly I have no other choice but to do this video.

Problems I have are 1; I'm sick and I've looked prettier 2; I suck in everything which has anything to do with using cameras 3; I'm not sure if I have the courage to do this really...4; I'm not sure what should I wear in this video..would be cool to use somekind of prom dress...

You can be sure I'll be posting more info about this later on...If this is going to happen. That would also be my first RECord so I'm freaking out here.

Well...I went to shopping and I had to have it. It's so not me that it is me. This happens sometimes.

What a lovely button this cardigan has...

Me being sick does not really slow me down that much, I still went to listen my movie lecture and well...all others too which are art history,canadian archaelogy and classical archaelogy. Today I go ride my horse so there is not much I've not done except, my cabarée dancing class. I love it so much but it's not good to do any sports while sick bla blaa. I hate this dumb flu, please go away and never come back!

But being sick seems quite a good thing now because my baby arrived

May I present, 3rd rock from the sun, the whole series. Six seasons of pure love.

I'm thinking about skipping school tomorrow know, I'm too sick to go and you know this has nothing I repeat NOTHING to do with me wanting to watch 3rd rock the whole day.


Maria said...

I can help you out if you want and if I can be of any of help, we can use my camera if you want (well, someone should use it :D)

I think I'm getting the flu, too :(

FINALLY it's here!

Fehlgeburt said...

u&me doing a video from Tom...I know what it would be like :D
But I guess your camera is way much better than my ancient thing that likes to call itself a camera(yeah right).

And yes,FINALLY. I cant be apart of it much...I'm in love and I need it air and well If I had to choose between air and the box you know what I would do...