Thursday, June 28, 2012

Meet me at the stables

Owning a horse is definitely the most amazing thing ever. I can't understand why on earth did I not make this happen before. Yes it takes money, but for this, I am ready to fix some money issues. I have two jobs now,I take the student loan and I start to rent my horse(for the money and actually, for some days that I don't need to go to the stables..). I've already met very nice people, in fact I can say that I've made friends.

Here's some photos of me riding Edel...

This is where she lives, at the Labbas stall in Helsinki.

I've got a new hair...and a bag...I'll be posting about those later :)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Cake& Palace

It really does not feel like summer at all...this year has gone by so quickly. Better so.

After my grand mom&aunt got back from Paris, my aunt took me to eat nepalese cuisine(my favorite food ever<3) and after we went to 'Kakkugalleria' café to eat lemon meringue pie. It was so good! 
Actually, I heard that there you can eat in a cake buffet as many pieces as you like, only 11,70e or so! SO going next week...

                                        (If eating cake is wrong, I don't want to do right!)

Grandma did not take me to Paris this time, so they brought me this.

I don't understand a thing about make ups, but this I knew to be good, since my friend who studies cosmetics has the very same eyeshadows. Very nice, I can use these to parties,to the club I work at, to school etc. 

I haven't been at the central Helsinki in like a I went to couple stores, new flip flops from Spiritstore, only 19e!

I've told before that I'll invite you all to my palace, or well not exactly but I'll show how it looks. Bedroom here, since the living room is not yet ready. I'm not that decorative person, I mean I like things to look nice and pretty, but it's not the end of the world if it doesn't. I'm a horse girl after all, don't spend that much time at home.

As you can see, the main colors are violet&black. I really like violet, but it does not suit on me that well, so I use it as the decorating logic...

Omg what an old TV! It works, and I rather spend my money in horses&shoes...

Nightstand was a must get when I moved here. I read often before I go to sleep, so a place for my books(other than the floor) was needed. A new(prettier) lamp is also needed...I actually got my eye on one already....Let's see when I got the money to buy it.

I lovelovelove that mirror, I got it as a Christmas present when I was 16 I think.

The bedroom is the room I spend most of the time I spend in my home. Even right now I'm on my bed with my Apple. Lately it feels like all I've done here is sleeping, but I'm just like my pony, don't like to be alone.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My girl

Hello, sorry for not posting(and sorry for posting about ponies again...haha) But I have a very very good reason for not posting, last Saturday the pony moved in Helsinki.

Here she is, FWB(finnish warm blood) mare Edelmädel, born in 2005.  Friendly we call her Elli, pretty isn't she?
Right now I'm looking for a gently rider to ride her about 2 times a week, since I'm not able to move her 7 times a week. So...If interested tell me about it :)

My little pony....Those riding pants btw, new and been on me 2 they are broken since I fell , before I even got on her back xD Normally she never drops riders...just my luck this. Luckily my insurance is fair and gives me some money for new ones...Those brown ones are Eurostars so not that cheap.

The first ride after I bought her. It rained and Elli was kinda stressed out because of a new place and the rain, but all in all we are now getting used to our new stable.

My excavations for this summer seem to be over, it is possible thou that something will appear. Here's a pic from Vantaa, we had so much fun! 

Saturday, June 9, 2012


How can it be possible that when once in a lifetime something good is about to happen to me, it once again is taken off. I bought a pony, now she's been sick for a week and can't be moved to Helsinki. I really don't need to speak about my social life- it sucks big time. And I won't even get started on my looks. I hate myself& want to die, like Kurt Cobain would say.

I still ride Laima while the other one is three legged...Some photos my friend Anitta took last week when she came with me to the stables.

The horses are now out day& night, and must say they really love it. Here's a two year old finnhorse mare, she's very lively,loves people and always comes to salute me when I go to get Laima(who usually runs away since she's the boss of the group and doesn't want to leave them.)

.....but when I get her out she moves nicely. Who would ever believe she's almost 23...? Oc we don't do always this hard things as I've said before.

God I look/am fat. Luckily I ride big horses who carry me easily. Riding is really not the hobby for very big people...I mean, if you're like over 100 kilos you really need to watch which horse can carry you...and  over 120kilos...well...find a really muscular,big horse or just keep out of their back. Me, myself, I realize I'm already too big for little horses& ponies, Laima is quite ideal sized for me. 

After work out, taking Laima back to her group, without a saddle that is!

 Releasing Laima.

I've been shopping some equipment for my pony, I bought her with her basic equipment, a luxury dressage saddle including. But...oc she needs this& that so I've started to collect things, I'll be posting soon about that and hopefully soon about my pony's new home. This week I started working on the new stable, just basic pony work occasionally so the rent won't be that big :)