Thursday, September 20, 2012

Born This Way @ Lady GaGa concert 27.8.2012

One of the best nights of this year& summer for sure was when Lady GaGa brought her show to Helsinki. 

I enjoyed this time even more than the last time I went to her concert. Not sure if it was because of all the champagne or because I was with my dearest people or because we had our own private loge. Or maybe because the songs of this album meant more for me than those of the older one. 

 The pictures are very awful, since we had fun and not focused on taking pictures.  All my fav songs were played, like Government Hooker, Bad Kid, Highway Unicorn, Heavy Metal Lover, Bad Romance and Alejandro...and of course, Marry the Night.

My boss(haha :D) is who I invited since I got to bring a friend. 

I got a bow of my hair...and ponies!

Okey, after the concert I look like I've been partying hard and that's what we did.  Yes, I had my Jeffrey Campbells on, and with me...luggage! Like a true VIP- we had a large suitcase with us, full of useful products like shoes, changeable clothes and cosmetics. Wonder what I'll be carrying to London at New Year...yep, that's where we'll be going!

White is the new black...My winter coat is white too, I'll be posting about it later 

Life can be Juicy!

Some luxury in my life...

My aunt bought me my very first real,original non-fake Juicy Couture bag, loving it<3 p="p">

Some details...

She also brought me Victoria's Secret cosmetics from Istanbul. I lovelovelove that store. I'm addicted to good smelling products, my favs are vanilla,coconut,rose,ginger,champagne & that kind of fragrances.


These are all from the Spirit store,  nice basic everyday shoes at reasonable price, The Princess approves!

Funny hoodie to be used at the stables...Now that I have my (own) little pony.

And as the last topic, I've been very bad party girl lately...Partying out with my lovely friend Sakke mostly...We got taste for champagne& endless fortune or how was it... :D