Monday, April 30, 2012

All the flowers would have very extra special powers

Yesterday morning we went to flea market Valtteri in Vallila,Helsinki. Here's me at the bus stop

I only found one thing, a my little pony, generation 3. I've been trying not to buy any movies, so I didn't even look what there was on sale...otherways I would have brought home some for sure.

Once we got home from the city, we drove to Sipoo to see my horse Laima. After careful brushing and cleaning I tried to do some dressage. 

Laima is part trakhener, part thorough bred and I love her.

I think I ride better without stirrups...maybe I should let them be a little bit longer so that it'll be easier to sit and my feet would get a better position.

 She's born in 1989 in the Soviet union, would you believe?

We do not gallop that much, since she's after all an old lady already, thou perfectly healthy. But I always ride her gently and never tire her greatly, we keep riding pleasing to both of us. With my younger one, Lady the shire horse, I can do more serious work and get me& her both sweat.

As she is about 170cm high, she's just the right sized for me, in riding it's important that the horse is big enough so that your legs can easily give orders to the pony. And that the horse is strong enough to carry you, too big rider is very bad for the horses back, so rather ride too big horses than too small!!

After work-out, happy as a coconut (yes, I mad that up just now)

Here's a link (I hope it works..) to my riding video that I posted in Facebook.  

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Iron Sky

Only one week of school and I start my work at the excavations! 

Tonight me& my friend Anne(who is staying at my place for a while) went to see the finnish movie Iron sky. It was so cool & good. After that movie, everyone will understand why I wear heels all day every day (you'll never know when you'll need to kill some nazis, or your ex...)

Here me, at the metro

At the movie theatre...the top is brand new too...Can't help myself, I don't think of shopping as a's my career. Better pics about it later. The shoes from my last post on me for the first time, they are very nice to walk, thou the size 36 is a bit too big for me in these. Usually I wear 36, sometimes even 35(in ballerinas, UGG's etc...) but lately I've tried on some 37 shoes and they have fitted perfectly so it's weird that now a 36 is too big...the shoe sizes amaze me.

So, I highly recommend, to any science-fiction diggers this movie. Very funny, beautiful and different movie. From Finland with love <3

Dress-code was nice back then....Or am I just old-fashioned? Watch the movie and you'll know what I mean.


It was on sale, need I say more...? 

Friday, April 27, 2012

With this bra, I could rule the world

Marlies Dekkers.

I've been lusting over these for months. Yes, they cost a lot of money, yes they're worth it. Trust me on this, just go to a shop, try them on, and you'll understand what I mean.

Before wore bras from H&M, Lindex, Gina Tricot, New Yorker etc, and now my friends, this will change. From now on, only bras from good underwear stores will be accepted. Such as these....

Here's how they look on me with a top.

Then I wandered to another store...Underwearstore called Change. There was this amazing sale, get 2 underwear sets, pay 1! Since I have these huge boobs(sorry but they are...) and my size is a bit tricky, I had to take two kinda same looking sets. They fit greatly and I've needed some other color than black to my underwear collection. Now I can always buy only black black black. 
About the size issue. I probably should not say this, but most of you wear wrong sized bra as we speak. Really, do yourselves a favor and go to your local bra shops, ask the sales person to find you right size. I've used 75D or 75DD before...and it turns out, I'm a 70E,70F or 70G(WTF I mean I know they're big but...SERIOUSLY?????!). It depends on a label etc, Today I bought 3 bras, one of each size mentioned below, and they all fit me perfectly. The sales woman looked the right size for me in every bra and she said it is common to use wrong sized bra and also that the right size can depend on a label, just like in any other piece of clothing. 
I spend almost 200e today on underwear, yes that is a lot of money, and yes it was necessary. And well, the bigger boobs, the more important it is to have good bra.

What can I for everyone? 
I needed some easy-to-walk shoes for the spring&summer, so as a horse lady I got these oc. I can use them at work(the club, not as archeologist), I can drive and I can wear them in school. From Andiamo, only 39.95e.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Soul mate

Since I'm a single lady I need someone to kiss, someone to tell how much I love and someone to spend time with...I have a horse. No, she's not mine, since I'm poor. But I get to take care of her often. Sadly I still have no pics of our work but here's some.

This time of year I always wash Laima's feet before&after work. 

2 pics with equipment on

I'm currently at Sipoo, taking care of 2 dogs. Here's Army testing the bed, yes it's soft enough :D

Some news, I got a work for May. As a digger in some archaeologist excavation. It's gonna be hard work, solid 8h per day 5 days a week. The drive is about an hour each way so...10h per day for work...hard...yes. 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Emilie Autumn@Nosturi 7.4.2012

One artist who has inspirited me for good 5 years already and who's gigs I attend whenever possible. I was lucky that I had no work this weekend & I got to go to Nosturi to see her. Amazing,talented,beautiful person. Love her & the Bloody Crumpets. 

This time I went with my high school friend Anitta. Before the show we went to a little bar called Shaker in Kamppi, I recommend, very good drinks, yam my! Thou the staff is quite.....lets just say not that friendly.

Me & my drink, it tasted sour and it had lime on it. 

I had my new velvet skirt(seen in my Stockholm shopping-post I think), high heels and a top that actually is supposed to be underwear, oops :D

New false eyelashes, the diamonds are pink. 

As we stood quite far away from the stage, the pictures are not that good. Plus my skills are not that good either. I've taken these with iPhone.

Naughty Veronica's performance was so marvelous, very talented woman she is. Someday I hope to learn  to do some moves like her with feathers. 

I bought a little things to remember this night. These say 'Plague rat' and 'Asylum army' and they have a little rat on them too. Only 5 euros for both together.

I love parfyms, I love to smell things and Contessa's cannibal scent was a must buy. It smells like childhood at the country side in our farm. Not sure if I'll wear this 'in public' but at home when I'm in my thoughts and want to remember old things from the past...And the bottle is lovely too.

All and all, the ticket price which was a little over 20e was a bargain for this kind of experiment. I really recommend Emilie's music to all of you who have had tough times, have been stapped in to heart with a knife by love, all of you who are insane even a little bit and every chambermaid in the world. I love this music, and I hope I get to spread the plague.

Friday, April 6, 2012

New project

Can't help it, I'm a pony addict and not ashamed to say it. Again I found a new friend, she's Laima 22 years old half Trakhener and half Thoroughbred. Fancy girl if I may say :) 

I take care of her and her exercise twice a week or so, whenever her owner does not have time. 
I've been riding in the woods, yesterday we got company from a Jutland horse, they are very heavily built horses whom usually work as carriage horses. Everyone from Finland know the Koff horses, same breed.

Even thou her own food is in her box, she loves to steal her neighbors food...greedy lady isn't she?

I hope to get soon some riding photos, only that I usually go to the stables alone...Anyone, wanna come and take pics? I dare to promise that if willing I can teach basic riding for a while, and if not, I promise you don't need to ride at all. It is so unbelievable for me that there's a lot of people who are afraid of horses and the whole thought of riding. For me, it is like a second nature. I love it, I could do it everyday for hours if I only had the opportunity to. Best thing I know for sure. 

I know, most people feel like this about their hobby, it's a lifestyle etc, but really, riding involves so much else too than just climbing up to saddle. You need to take care of a big animal, make sure it is healthy in everyway and has good,fitting equipment. ...and of course you need good equipment for yourself too. Which reminds me, I'm still in a need of good pants. I have 4. None of them are good, but I'm broke so have to go with what I got.
This is a hobby that really takes time(and money). And even if this would not be enough, usually the stables are far and it takes time to get there. Luckily I have a car, so it's possible for me to go even if busses don't :D

About the money issue, I've been riding basically my whole life. I'm not that talented or good a rider or anything. But I'm good enough to take care of normal hobby horses. I know how to stretch them, how to train them and teach basic stuff(from saddle or not). So, when you reach this point you can search for ponies that need someone to do things with, when their owners don't have time. As a student I would not have money to take riding lessons, pay for my own horse etc, so this is a good deal to me. I get to be with horses(and ride) and owners get a stable-free day and they know that their horse is in good hands.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Helsinki Ink & Shoppings from Sweden

Today I went to the Helsinki Ink fair, just an extempore appearance. Didn't find anything since I'm not gonna take any new tattoos(at least for a while). But yes there was very talented people and lovely tattoos. Actually the whole way of life is very familiar for me since I grew up in such environment.

Next topic, my shoppings. 
A nice summer top from Mango and a velvet skirt from H&M. 

Here the skirt shows better..

Barbie wants to party- dress from Gina Tricot. This was available in pastel mint and black also. It glitters, does not show very well in pic thou..

Because I'm a total pony manic, an unicorn shirt was a must. From Gina Tricot also.

As many of you probably know, I study at the University to become an archaeologist and I have absolutely nothing what so ever to wear at our excavations at the beginning of June. The first two weeks of June I'll be digging in Vantaa's forests. If it rains, I'll wear this jacket and be less wet. 

I'm totally addicted to MAC's lipsticks. They are the best, thou Victoria's secrets taste even better(I have one Cotton Candy flavored !). Here is a pic of my new MAC and old sesong MAC. Sligtly different colors but near enough. 

How the new one looks on me..

And finally to the best buy in a loooong time. My new 50's housewife dress. I lovelovelove it<3! 
It is in a desperate need of some ironing since I wore it at the club on Friday night. I was working, not partying. 

Funny thing with this dress is, that our customers, with whom I always have to go through the conversation about they not getting my phone number , me to dance with them, me to blow them in our bathroom or anything like that. Well, those customers doubled with this dress. Or I just want to believe it was because of the dress.

Dress is from Oasis. Not sure if there's anymore a store in Helsinki? It used to be I know...Anyone, info about how it is nowadays?

Turquoise, blue(light or dark), mint...not one of these colors never seemed like my thing, but along this dress I'm starting to believe that there's a chance of me wearing these colors in the future. Barbielook is me after all.

Fabric shows a little bit better here.

Snap shot, me heading to the club. I have a weird habit, I always wear a ponytail to work. Why, I don't know. Maybe I look older and cooler :D No I don't..