Thursday, February 23, 2012

If it's your birthday babe I'm gonna get your wish...

Again I turned 16. 5th time for me to happen so...well oh....Some get older, some decide to stick in a good number!

This year I got my presents early. I already showed you what I got from Sonja, and here goes Maria&Anitta. 

The bags were absolutely lovely <3

 The card said 16, so that means I really turned 16!!!

 What would I do without Maria? She's my friend in need always<3
Lollipop lololololooo lollipooop<3 Yammy, and booze...yammy!! And well..Treasure Buddies....what can I say, puppies & Egypt= love?!

From Anitta, Lady GaGa-book<3 And chocolate body lotion& shower gel, again yammy!

And a very fine bracelet, so nice<3

I've found ebay. This is not good for my wallet.
A couple ponies which were cheap wandered to me...from the UK.

She's called Princess Royal Blue

He's the first male pony, called Tex.

Cherries Jubilee


Sonja went to Spain. She dragged me a lots of stufffff :D

Princess candies...This does not demand any explations...I'm a Princess and I eat princess candies, simple.

This is a phone jewelry thingy

Britney Spears' Midnight fantasy parfym, the scent is so magnificent, I love it.

7 different cupcake lip balms! Smells gooooo-ood!

4 rings, diamonds are a girls best friend? Apparently Spain is a ring heaven, I hear these cost only 1 euro each.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Meet me at the hotel

This weekend one of my dearest friends Anne was here with me. We had lovely time, thou too little time. We went to Ikea( because I'm moving soon and I had to go and measure some furniture) and to the local mall. And she also made my make ups, she's attending a make up contest and she has asked me to be her model there. I said yes. 

This is gonna be scary since I have no back round as a model, none what so ever. 

Yesterday evening we took some new photos of me, just for fun. 

Here's me with one of my fav ponies, Parasol.


Notice my amazing Night walks by Jeffrey Campbell, aren't they pretty?

A Sunday outfit, nothing too fancy. I love that deep pink color of my Cyberdog shirt. I have a pink top of that same color too. 

Haven't been shopping that much, since I'm gonna have to save up for new furniture etc...

Moving means lots of money loss, new environment in which I have to learn to live( I don't know a thing about that part of the city...luckily my friend lives very near), the first sleepless nights in my new bedroom, lots of navigator use in my car since I don't know my way to anywhere, a new gym, and for last, it means a new horse, since the current one lives too far away(even now it is very far, and from the new place it's over an hour drive away so yes a new horse). I have been offered 1 pony, 2 horses. No for the pony because he lives too far away, and between horses I haven't yet decided. Anothet one is warmblooded 11 year old, well trained and the another one is only 5 years old and a Shire horse, I'm going to test those two and then see if another one would be good for me. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Pre-Birthday to me

Last weekend I was not needed at the night club, so I went to ride my pony & to Vantaa to hang with my friend(her cats&turtle).

I got to drink from one of her fav mugs, My little pony Fizzy-mug! So cooool. Drinking diet coke as usual...

Here's me & her cat Sirus, he's been on my blog before...maybe someone remembers.

And then to the ultimate fancy cool stufffff, my lovely friend Sonja gave me my birthday present already now, even thou the big day is not until next week..Wednesday 22nd

Here's my new crown...

One box was covered with ponies, so cute<3!

Another was covered with my idols. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Brigitte Bardot, Natalie Portman, Cher, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Mark Wahlberg(Marky Mark), River Phoenix, Brad Pitt, Gwyneth Paltrow, Winona Ryder and Kate Winslet.

Here's what was inside, so much stuff! Lashes, make-ups, nail polish, socks, candy, ponies...

And a BARBIEEEEEEE! She can sing too!

Me & my new Barbie ;D 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Leather it is, fake or not

Now, from Vero Moda's sales I found two leather skirts. Had to have them both cause I could not decide which one was better. And they were really cheap. 50% off and 70% off, now that's a bargain.
Here they are....My lovely iPhone 4s took the photos.

And oc this silky dream dress had to come with me also. Sexy and I know it dress for my future dream dates(which apparently will never happen but they could in a world where good things happen to me, yes I know that's not really where we live..).

The photo does not make any justice to this baby but since my current room-mate is working right now I had no choice but put the dress in a hanger...

I was supposed to have a hair cut today but, since the hairdresser was ill I have to wait. It's gonna be a whole new head for me, can't wait you to see it! Edit, look at the end of this post ;)

The Barcelona&Valencia-tour is definitely happening,  I've been checking the flights but no booking yet.
If anyone is willing to share Spain-tips about good museums& shops, this would be the time to let me know :)

Me& Maria went to see J.Edgar- movie, because Leonardo DiCaprio just is soooooo adorable. And one of my all-time fav actors btw, can't understand how he has no Oscar..(Luckily Leo got a Globe..:D) 

My ex-room mate Laura went to Spain to study and we had a little party the night Kokomo tiki bar in Helsinki. Really nice place & grrrrr8 food!

PVC dress from London town<3 It was love at first sight totally...this is so nice that I can wear it to parties but so casual still that there's no reason why I could not wear it at work(well okay I work at a night club so...) or even so school.

This is how I ride during winter. No saddle so it's much warmer :) And I can feel the horse& it's moves easier. If you look close you can see that his official name is written there. I luv him<3

Okey...this is big.

I cut my hair. Like for the first time in....let's see...10 years? Of course it has been cut a little sometimes, so that the worst parts go away, but nothing else.

How do you like it? I'm pretty satisfied with the result...for a while at least :)

That's an iPhone 4s, one of the many loves of my life... ;D