Thursday, February 23, 2012

If it's your birthday babe I'm gonna get your wish...

Again I turned 16. 5th time for me to happen so...well oh....Some get older, some decide to stick in a good number!

This year I got my presents early. I already showed you what I got from Sonja, and here goes Maria&Anitta. 

The bags were absolutely lovely <3

 The card said 16, so that means I really turned 16!!!

 What would I do without Maria? She's my friend in need always<3
Lollipop lololololooo lollipooop<3 Yammy, and booze...yammy!! And well..Treasure Buddies....what can I say, puppies & Egypt= love?!

From Anitta, Lady GaGa-book<3 And chocolate body lotion& shower gel, again yammy!

And a very fine bracelet, so nice<3

I've found ebay. This is not good for my wallet.
A couple ponies which were cheap wandered to me...from the UK.

She's called Princess Royal Blue

He's the first male pony, called Tex.

Cherries Jubilee


Sonja went to Spain. She dragged me a lots of stufffff :D

Princess candies...This does not demand any explations...I'm a Princess and I eat princess candies, simple.

This is a phone jewelry thingy

Britney Spears' Midnight fantasy parfym, the scent is so magnificent, I love it.

7 different cupcake lip balms! Smells gooooo-ood!

4 rings, diamonds are a girls best friend? Apparently Spain is a ring heaven, I hear these cost only 1 euro each.

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