Tuesday, March 13, 2012

She lives in Hellville now

Latest news...welll, I've hanged with my friends(and their dogs...). She's called Muru and she's almost a german shepherd.

I also finally moved, to Helsinki if you must know. I love love this new apartment, two rooms. I'll post later on photos.

Last weekend I was working& modeling. Friday to the club for the night and then the next morning at 8 to the make up contest as a model. I can assure you, I did not sleep much...

Here's a rehersal photos from the night before the contest, yes I wore those clothes& shoes all Saturday.

After the long day, we went to shop candy. That was the highlight of the day, no just kidding. Everyone who knows me even a little, knows that I love it when someone makes me pretty and I get to pose to cameras. I have a some kind of alternative persona who is a liiiitttllleee bit of an diva....

Bad news.....what happened to my lovely german sports car....No idea how will I get to the stables to see Lady. I wish I can borrow my dads car. I really am handless without a car, I know this is bad but I'm really dependent on car...I mean, I need it for work& stables but count those out and I still cry for a car...I'm a little spoiled yes.

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