Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Stockholm ->

Finally a get away from Finland!
Only a small one thou, but crying in Sweden is much better than doing it home alone so...

Yesterday I had a really bad day, it took so much energy to be able to appear normal& fine at the university. We did some GPS excersices which were hard but with our very patient teacher I learned something. 
Simple everyday look is a must while doing outside- school things even if we stay at the city.

Leggings never seem to suit me, but here they are. That's why I usually only use skirts...they just fit me better.

Packing is always so hard for me. I can't decide what to take and what I really need...this time it was easier, because we only stay 2 nights and I get to bring my 'european luggage' since it is the only suitcase I own.

A mess. 
When packing I always first just throw things at the suitcase, and this pic is from the phase when every thing I've decided to need is there, after that I put it all more nicely so that anything won't break. And yes, there is room for my shoppings too :)

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