Sunday, March 25, 2012

First ice cream of the summer

Thou it snowed last night when I drove home from the club I work at, me & Maria decided that today we would get the first ice cream of the 'summer'. It was rather chilly, but we were in a shopping centre so...

 Anyway here's a pic to prove it

Then some other news. Next week I'm going to Stockholm with my friend Sonja and.....this is quite soon, but MAYBE on Friday or Saturday I'll be on my way to Valencia, Spain. To see my ex-room-mate Laura, whom I miss so much. Since I've known her, this 3 months must be the longest time spend apart...And we have known each other since I was only 17...She's basically like a big sister to me. 
My life is kinda mess right now, and I really don't know what to do, who to trust and what will happen in any area of my life next, so it would be really good to just get a way for a while, to clear my head, find out what I wanna do with things. Yes, money is an issue, but somehow I've always survived so I guess I can use my savings for this, I think I really need to go.

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