Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Back in the saddle

Last Thursday I fell off while gallopping down the road. My helmet was crushed, my brown Pikeur riding pants are useless and my arm still hurts...I've been still working and riding...let's see if I'm not getting better, I'll have to go to doctor....

A reason to shop new equipment, I bought a black Charles Owen helmet, Wellington Classic. 

Also, a nice Burberry coat for the devil to dry her after hard work.

Some luxury, I went to eat to the restaurant Teatteri, never been there before, a quite fancy place. Food was good, but not that great that I would myself invest in those as much as they cost...


Blueberry flan

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Feels like a holiday

Even thou I've been working most of the summer, it sure feels like a holiday, being without school. Trying to forget that September is too soon here.

I've tried to enjoy, I went to the local zoo one day, to see the kittens...all three of them were sleeping since they are after all night livers...

Then, how I usually spend my day-offs. On a saddle of the most beautiful horse ever. We really need to get some one to take decent photos of us!

Last week I was taking care of these two blondes, I lived in their home, at my friend's home.

The house was quite lovely. I've also put some thought on decorating my own home, but about that later when I get the house even nicer. 

Nearby there runs a river,  Vantaajoki, and the landscape while walking the blondes was so great.

So bad puppufever..Can I haz a puppu please!

During Midsummer my friend took some fooling around photos...kind of funny pics xD
Me& Baby