Thursday, July 18, 2013

Feels like a holiday

Even thou I've been working most of the summer, it sure feels like a holiday, being without school. Trying to forget that September is too soon here.

I've tried to enjoy, I went to the local zoo one day, to see the kittens...all three of them were sleeping since they are after all night livers...

Then, how I usually spend my day-offs. On a saddle of the most beautiful horse ever. We really need to get some one to take decent photos of us!

Last week I was taking care of these two blondes, I lived in their home, at my friend's home.

The house was quite lovely. I've also put some thought on decorating my own home, but about that later when I get the house even nicer. 

Nearby there runs a river,  Vantaajoki, and the landscape while walking the blondes was so great.

So bad puppufever..Can I haz a puppu please!

During Midsummer my friend took some fooling around photos...kind of funny pics xD
Me& Baby

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