Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Only the horses....

can drive me mad. We have had very very very many difficulties. For one, our dressage saddle got stolen, then we had a blacksmiths problem(now we have a very nice man taking care of that!) and now we don't have a jumping saddle or a trainer. And not sure if I like her to live in that stable we are in, since we don't got a hall to ride in. 

Just a little jump, since I'm not that a good jumper myself. 

Actually, here you can see my new helmet, riding pants and a jumping saddle we tested(Prestige Versailles, new)

Ps.This is an old draft I just found...I'll post it now, even if it's really old...from August or so...

Holá Amigós!

''When I came to Spain and I saw people party, I told to myself: What the f*ck!?''

Sweet Sangria...the most common drink I drank during the week I suppose...

Yes, I went to Spain, to Las Palmas to be accurate. We spend there a week to cut of the dark fall of the North. Wish I could do that more often...and well, actually, I've been working on my application to an education, stuertess education. Would be so cool, but we'll see what comes out of this  =)

I got some photos  about my pony, but not that many...Anyone wanna come & take pics of us? I would appreciate it!

Holiday photos...

At the pool...

 Quite cold water at first

 Me, the former vegetarian, eating medium raw meat beef...and loving every bite! Nothing compares to a good beef...!

The new sunglasses...yes they're Juicy Couture <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

One shopping centre, Las Arenas centro commercial was my fav, hence Disney Store&Primark...And let's not forget the Sfinx!!

The Beach<3 p="p">

For not posting here anything for a long long while, there's a reason. 2 jobs,Uni, and a horse. You can imagine what that is like...it's busy, but it's a way of life for me. And since I'm a lonely single girl, what else could I do? I hatehatehate to be home alone. Just not my thing.

Me @ the lab...doing archaeology!

My pony is currently living at Vantaa, in a quite small, very nice, CLEAN place. There's nice field for them to be outside and for us to ride. Much better than the earlier. Nothing nice to say about the last stable...

Getting to know the stable cat

Edels at work

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Born This Way @ Lady GaGa concert 27.8.2012

One of the best nights of this year& summer for sure was when Lady GaGa brought her show to Helsinki. 

I enjoyed this time even more than the last time I went to her concert. Not sure if it was because of all the champagne or because I was with my dearest people or because we had our own private loge. Or maybe because the songs of this album meant more for me than those of the older one. 

 The pictures are very awful, since we had fun and not focused on taking pictures.  All my fav songs were played, like Government Hooker, Bad Kid, Highway Unicorn, Heavy Metal Lover, Bad Romance and Alejandro...and of course, Marry the Night.

My boss(haha :D) is who I invited since I got to bring a friend. 

I got a bow of my hair...and ponies!

Okey, after the concert I look like I've been partying hard and that's what we did.  Yes, I had my Jeffrey Campbells on, and with me...luggage! Like a true VIP- we had a large suitcase with us, full of useful products like shoes, changeable clothes and cosmetics. Wonder what I'll be carrying to London at New Year...yep, that's where we'll be going!

White is the new black...My winter coat is white too, I'll be posting about it later 

Life can be Juicy!

Some luxury in my life...

My aunt bought me my very first real,original non-fake Juicy Couture bag, loving it<3 p="p">

Some details...

She also brought me Victoria's Secret cosmetics from Istanbul. I lovelovelove that store. I'm addicted to good smelling products, my favs are vanilla,coconut,rose,ginger,champagne & that kind of fragrances.

My weakness...shoes...

These are all from the Spirit store,  nice basic everyday shoes at reasonable price, The Princess approves!

Funny hoodie to be used at the stables...Now that I have my (own) little pony.

And as the last topic, I've been very bad party girl lately...Partying out with my lovely friend Sakke mostly...We got taste for champagne& endless fortune or how was it... :D

Monday, August 20, 2012

Working for my dreams

The whole summer has been veeeery busy. As many of you know, I have two jobs + I work at the stable too, so that I get lower costs for Edel. And I study. So, this pretty much leaves me in the point in which I really don't got any free time. But that's okay, I have Edel and that should be enough.
Once in a while I get to party, like this Thursday I saw Sak Noel at Weekend festivals pre-party, becauseeee...I don't wanna study, I just wanna partypartypartyyyy!
Just like a real Barbie...

Not sure if I've mentioned here, but I'm going to see Lady GaGa in Hartwall Arena on Mondays gig, we have our own private business room there with champagne& buffet. I got to bring one friend, Sonja gets to come, since she was with me the last time GaGa was here too. I have no idea what am I going to wear, how me hair is going to be or anything but...I know for sure which shoes I'll be wearing! More of that later...

News about Edel, we've started our show jumping career. They are not big(yet). Not sure if I'm more of an jumper than a dressage rider.

Yes, I'm in a desperate need of an new helmet. And training.

Who goes the prettiest horse? I do& everybody thinks so!

As I've mentioned, I do my best to get us only the best equipment. These are Tony Hassmans. I adore them, they are very comfortable to the horse as well, I really recommend these!! Plus they look kinda nice.

The Uni is starting for real too early and my motivation for studies is probably already at Fiji. Luckily I now got 1-2 people who rent Edel so that I don't have to ride her daily, I would if I wouldn't need to work so much, but my lifestyle asks money. Horses are expensive but in what would I spend my moneys if there was no horses? Well, I would have the money to go to Egypt and to buy other pair of Jeffrey Campbells and I would get to party every weekend but...This is so much better.

Monday, July 30, 2012

My Summer....

What I've been doing lately is...Workworkwork, riderideride. I'm not complaining. I love to do things, I hate sitting around at home with nothing to do except being alone. I just hate it. 

So, during this month I spend a week in Sipoo, taking care of these to lovelies, Aku&Pontcho! That yellow one stole my heart so completely...

I was not able to ride for about two weeks much, because Edel had some muscle tensions...She now seems to be fine, so no panic anyone! And I was able to do this with her everyday(and it helped)

I participated the Plague Picnic, annual meet up of Emilie Autumn fans. 

I've spend most of my moneys on Edel, here's here new summer rain coat from Bucas.

I went to Lappland for a family reunion, my relatives as far as from India and Germany were there. We visited famous winter war place, Raatteentie. Here's a monument to remind us all about the madness in killing people.

There's as many stones as there was victims, from soviet&finn army.

Beautiful place. The bunkers were awful. I can't even picture what it must been like during war...We must all be so grateful for not being there.

This is Edel's friend Stella, they are out together everyday. I've ridden Stella once when her owners were busy and I move her in the future if needed.

Then a little sad news. Our equipment has been stolen from our stable. All in all, 10 saddles,6 bridles. Our dressage Cliff Barnsby saddle and our 2 bridles. Now we have to use our old bridles, very old jumping saddle and I have no information about when we'll get new ones. I have to be satisfied with this, cause this could have ended up even worse. Now I can ride somehow...

Bugs freak her out.

Well okay, I admit. I've been partying too a...little...during summer. This is me very attractive last night at the club Vatican in Helsinki.

Ps. For next post, I'll be presenting some of my new shoppings etc.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Meet me at the stables

Owning a horse is definitely the most amazing thing ever. I can't understand why on earth did I not make this happen before. Yes it takes money, but for this, I am ready to fix some money issues. I have two jobs now,I take the student loan and I start to rent my horse(for the money and actually, for some days that I don't need to go to the stables..). I've already met very nice people, in fact I can say that I've made friends.

Here's some photos of me riding Edel...

This is where she lives, at the Labbas stall in Helsinki.

I've got a new hair...and a bag...I'll be posting about those later :)