Monday, August 20, 2012

Working for my dreams

The whole summer has been veeeery busy. As many of you know, I have two jobs + I work at the stable too, so that I get lower costs for Edel. And I study. So, this pretty much leaves me in the point in which I really don't got any free time. But that's okay, I have Edel and that should be enough.
Once in a while I get to party, like this Thursday I saw Sak Noel at Weekend festivals pre-party, becauseeee...I don't wanna study, I just wanna partypartypartyyyy!
Just like a real Barbie...

Not sure if I've mentioned here, but I'm going to see Lady GaGa in Hartwall Arena on Mondays gig, we have our own private business room there with champagne& buffet. I got to bring one friend, Sonja gets to come, since she was with me the last time GaGa was here too. I have no idea what am I going to wear, how me hair is going to be or anything but...I know for sure which shoes I'll be wearing! More of that later...

News about Edel, we've started our show jumping career. They are not big(yet). Not sure if I'm more of an jumper than a dressage rider.

Yes, I'm in a desperate need of an new helmet. And training.

Who goes the prettiest horse? I do& everybody thinks so!

As I've mentioned, I do my best to get us only the best equipment. These are Tony Hassmans. I adore them, they are very comfortable to the horse as well, I really recommend these!! Plus they look kinda nice.

The Uni is starting for real too early and my motivation for studies is probably already at Fiji. Luckily I now got 1-2 people who rent Edel so that I don't have to ride her daily, I would if I wouldn't need to work so much, but my lifestyle asks money. Horses are expensive but in what would I spend my moneys if there was no horses? Well, I would have the money to go to Egypt and to buy other pair of Jeffrey Campbells and I would get to party every weekend but...This is so much better.

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