Thursday, September 20, 2012

Life can be Juicy!

Some luxury in my life...

My aunt bought me my very first real,original non-fake Juicy Couture bag, loving it<3 p="p">

Some details...

She also brought me Victoria's Secret cosmetics from Istanbul. I lovelovelove that store. I'm addicted to good smelling products, my favs are vanilla,coconut,rose,ginger,champagne & that kind of fragrances.


These are all from the Spirit store,  nice basic everyday shoes at reasonable price, The Princess approves!

Funny hoodie to be used at the stables...Now that I have my (own) little pony.

And as the last topic, I've been very bad party girl lately...Partying out with my lovely friend Sakke mostly...We got taste for champagne& endless fortune or how was it... :D

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