Thursday, October 13, 2011

All I wanna do is...

have a little fun before I die.

Today I started to wonder about my life, my dreams and what I really want to with my life. So far I've been told so many times over and over again that 'that's impossible, you can't do it, think of something more practible'. I've been almost forced to go to high school and always the next thing was to find some graduate-school. And now I'm in university. I would like it, if I didn't have my drive to entertain and my love towards movies.

I love and need things to happen and I can't stand just hanging in the air with no-plans or life goals. My life goals have nothing to do with academic career or digging old culture. But it has everything to do with creating new culture.

I hate it that I haven't yet got a proper chance to prove the world who I really am and what I got. But nothing's gonna happen if I don't try my best to be out there. Find out about things and go for them. Being lazy and passive has not gotten anyone very far in life or has it? 

 A couple of pictures of me, I really don't like them, but those were probably the best ones I got.

 Let's do some time travel now!

Me as a 15yo, I think that before recent, that was the last time that I felt me and knew what I want. Between the ages 15 and 20 I was kind of lost with myself.

These photos are from my 2nd trip to Prague in the fall of 2006, almost excatly 5 years ago.

I was sure that I was the ugliest creature walking earth ever. And now that I look these pictures I'm not so sure anymore.

What made me happy yesterday?

1)Seeing my friend Maria
2) Getting finally our London hostel booked(now our Paris&London-visit is all ready!)
3)Making food for someone I love(even if I'm not that good a cook and the food was not at all complicated to do)
4)Watcing a good movie and seeing places where I will be in 9 days

and the loveliest of them all, Maria got me a present, it's not even my birthday or anything. The Film had just screamed my name. Haven't watched it yet, but can't be all bad 'cause there's my fav man on earth in the cover. Isn't he adorable? (as always<3 )

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Movie Monday #20 - Magic of dance

Lately I've been so busy doing everything that I have ignored my blog very badly. That's why I haven't finished yet last weeks assigment of Movie Monday. I still decided to do this weeks now, because the subject was absolutely delicious. Topic is dancemovies, which is my favorite movie related to dance.

For me, this is a piece of cake.

I have many favorite movies, but not all of them has effected me as much as this one.

Catherine Zeta-Jones is absolutely gorgeous,so beautiful and deadly. Gotta love her. I really can't name my fav scene of this movie, but one of the best is Velma Kelly's dance act, in which she tries to convince Roxie that they would be great dance-duo. ''I simply cannot do it aloneeeeee' '

 I also love the last dance-scene, actually yesterdays Glee-episode of finnish tv, they did this act. Gwyneth Paltrow was good, but even she has nothing compared to these deadly ladies...Guess how I am going to name my daughters?

Pop Six Squish Uh-uh-A Cicero Lipchitz

I'm so thrilled that in my cabarée dancing lessons we have one song from this loveable movie.

Ps. If there is somebody who has not seen this film yet, watch it. I promise you won't be disapointed.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Just a quick entry

Hello pumpkins!

I am very very happy right now(and yes I have terrible mood swings again) because I've been watching 3rd rock from the sun all morning. I just love that show<3 And noup,I'm not addicted.

Today I have a student gathering, the theme is 'come as you are', so I had no other choice but to come as a princess. I took a quick photo for u, and I look all but princess in that, it does not help that the sofa is full of my stuff. Yes,I'm still living at Helsinki at my dad's because of the renovation at my own place. Hopefully I get to go home soon!

Just a quick update, my life is right now kind of busy and there is so much going on! I'll get to it as soon as I got the time, bye!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Nothing Revolutionary

I was casted in one short-film, it was a project of one girl who studies film. It was so great, I really feel alive while camera is shooting. All that is, is that moment. And I got the be the sexy one! The one who is admired and feels like Alice in Wonderland. I hope I did good work there.
Yesterday I was asked how do I found the time to do all that I'm doing, but IMO people have as much time as they want. You just need to priorise a little and cut off everything that's not neccesary and what you don't want to do.
I love to do things, I really love having a little stress and I just need things to be happening so that I can breath. Lazing around and doing nothing is not cool. Doing art, that is cool.

I have some great plans for the introvideo for Fall Formal and I have someones signed to help me.
At this moment I feel that university studies only slow me down and that I really should be doing everything else. School is not for me after all. My work(I'm the ticketsales lady at a nightclub in Sello,Espoo) started last night, the shift is from 10pm to 3am, suits me just fine. Good music, nice people and easy enough job for me.
Here's how I looked just before work;