Thursday, October 13, 2011

All I wanna do is...

have a little fun before I die.

Today I started to wonder about my life, my dreams and what I really want to with my life. So far I've been told so many times over and over again that 'that's impossible, you can't do it, think of something more practible'. I've been almost forced to go to high school and always the next thing was to find some graduate-school. And now I'm in university. I would like it, if I didn't have my drive to entertain and my love towards movies.

I love and need things to happen and I can't stand just hanging in the air with no-plans or life goals. My life goals have nothing to do with academic career or digging old culture. But it has everything to do with creating new culture.

I hate it that I haven't yet got a proper chance to prove the world who I really am and what I got. But nothing's gonna happen if I don't try my best to be out there. Find out about things and go for them. Being lazy and passive has not gotten anyone very far in life or has it? 

 A couple of pictures of me, I really don't like them, but those were probably the best ones I got.

 Let's do some time travel now!

Me as a 15yo, I think that before recent, that was the last time that I felt me and knew what I want. Between the ages 15 and 20 I was kind of lost with myself.

These photos are from my 2nd trip to Prague in the fall of 2006, almost excatly 5 years ago.

I was sure that I was the ugliest creature walking earth ever. And now that I look these pictures I'm not so sure anymore.

What made me happy yesterday?

1)Seeing my friend Maria
2) Getting finally our London hostel booked(now our Paris&London-visit is all ready!)
3)Making food for someone I love(even if I'm not that good a cook and the food was not at all complicated to do)
4)Watcing a good movie and seeing places where I will be in 9 days

and the loveliest of them all, Maria got me a present, it's not even my birthday or anything. The Film had just screamed my name. Haven't watched it yet, but can't be all bad 'cause there's my fav man on earth in the cover. Isn't he adorable? (as always<3 )


Leena said...

Mä oon kyllä niin kateellinen sulle, miten oot saanu hiukset kasvamaan noin pitkiksi? Mulla ne jää tähän tiettyyn pituuteen =/

Fehlgeburt said...

Ne on vaan kasvanu:D oon aina silloin tällöin sellaset 5cm leikannut huonoa pois. En myöskään pese hiuksia kuin 2-3 kertaa viikossa,pidän ne yöllä kiinni,käytän kampaamo-shampoita enkä käytä hiustenkuivaajaa ja kiharrintakin aika harvoin. Luulen, että nuo asiat vaikuttaa, mutta varmaan myös ihan geneettisyyskin(vaikka mun äidillä on kyllä melko liuhuletti:D)

Maria said...

Anytime <3 Good movie, harsh, but Tom is awesome as always. London & Paris, here we come, p.s thanks for feeding me

Fehlgeburt said...

Our man(well my future husband) Tom is always as good<3
Food is served here for u always,anytime of the day.
Ca'nt wait for the Paris-adventure<3 (the London part can be also adventure if there's enough room for my shopping..)