Thursday, March 29, 2012

Underneath my skin -there's a meatball!!

A perfect getaway is over :(

This was really my second ever Stockholm visit, the first one was when I was 12, so it's been a long time. In Sweden I've mostly hanged in Gothenburg, I have relatives nearby so...
BUT! To Stockholm & the cruise. We had this cupong for free Viking Line cruise and since we both reached just recently the magical age 21 which in Finland only means you are allowed to go to Stockholm  cruises alone...

Here I am with my luggage(note the Cyberdog sticker!!) at the terminal in high heels 

We did the whole cliché thing, ate at the buffet, shopped in tax-free(not alcohol, only candies!) and went to the club both nights. 

The biggest pear cider of my life so far

Lovely nails, I could use these all the time, minus is that they drop too easily...

Outfit of the night one, the dress is Sonja's left overs, she did not like it so I got it. Picky girl that Sonja!
Ivana Helsinki Bambi purse is my fav, but it drives me crazy because of how it has to be held.

On Wednesday morning in the metro, or Tunnelbanan. As many know, I love finding places and well, metro maps are like drugs to me. The bigger the better, but there's nothing like London underground, the love of my life. 

We had only 6h to shop so, not many outside pics. We focused to the main centre of Stockholm, T-centralen.

I tried on Juicy Couture sweater, but it was not what I wanted...wrong size and only this was left.
In NK there's a little section of Juicy Couture clothes& bags, no wallets or jewelry(I asked!)

A candystore! 


From the harbor...

This dress is from Oasis, one of the two I bought. Quite nice isn't it?

I'll post later on photos about my other shoppings, I must say they are awesome!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Stockholm ->

Finally a get away from Finland!
Only a small one thou, but crying in Sweden is much better than doing it home alone so...

Yesterday I had a really bad day, it took so much energy to be able to appear normal& fine at the university. We did some GPS excersices which were hard but with our very patient teacher I learned something. 
Simple everyday look is a must while doing outside- school things even if we stay at the city.

Leggings never seem to suit me, but here they are. That's why I usually only use skirts...they just fit me better.

Packing is always so hard for me. I can't decide what to take and what I really need...this time it was easier, because we only stay 2 nights and I get to bring my 'european luggage' since it is the only suitcase I own.

A mess. 
When packing I always first just throw things at the suitcase, and this pic is from the phase when every thing I've decided to need is there, after that I put it all more nicely so that anything won't break. And yes, there is room for my shoppings too :)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

First ice cream of the summer

Thou it snowed last night when I drove home from the club I work at, me & Maria decided that today we would get the first ice cream of the 'summer'. It was rather chilly, but we were in a shopping centre so...

 Anyway here's a pic to prove it

Then some other news. Next week I'm going to Stockholm with my friend Sonja and.....this is quite soon, but MAYBE on Friday or Saturday I'll be on my way to Valencia, Spain. To see my ex-room-mate Laura, whom I miss so much. Since I've known her, this 3 months must be the longest time spend apart...And we have known each other since I was only 17...She's basically like a big sister to me. 
My life is kinda mess right now, and I really don't know what to do, who to trust and what will happen in any area of my life next, so it would be really good to just get a way for a while, to clear my head, find out what I wanna do with things. Yes, money is an issue, but somehow I've always survived so I guess I can use my savings for this, I think I really need to go.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

I'm not that cool

Lately I've been dressing in so uncreative way that I have to show you all, how uncool I really am. This is why I haven't been posting outfit of the day-pictures much. I dress in fake leather skirts and black shirts? Oh how cool, let's take a photo. Let's not.

(look what the movers did to my beautiful mirror...there's more, but I lined the picture so that it would not show..)

And my make up...oh so innovative! NOT.

After this post, I'll just got to face it, I need to do something and put myself out there. Let's start with the style issue. And maybe dyeing my hair would be nice for a change. Blonde is so last season, isn't it? 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

New layout<3!!!

As you can see, I have a new(and very pretty may I add <3) layout! It's by my dear friend Mystral. Lovely isn't it?

...and then something bad happened. Anyone who knows me even a little can tell that me, not so good with electronic divices...and electronic divices + me = chaos. 
So.....this is what happened. Don't ask, I don't wanna talk about it......

To more pleasant news. My very own dog, Topi visited me this week.  Mom has stolen him from me, so Topi lives in Kuopio and I rarely get to see him since I'm not that keen on that city.

After I finally studied how to use eBay, yes in my case it is studying, I've ordered some ponies...Now I'm so broke that I avoid eBay. These ponies luckily did not cost that much. 

She's a Brush 'n' Grow- pony, her tail gets longer and by moving her head it get short again.

This one is a Candy cane-pony, she smells and my&my aunt had one pony like this when we were kids...It still should be somewhere safe, but we haven't found her yet, so I wanted one just like the one we had.

Pink unicorns are my favorites yes...She is Princess Sparkle. One of the prettiest ponies there is in my opinion. So glad to have her on my collection.

Dunno what is wrong with me, but every year I get this weird desire to have pink hair. The last two winters I have been pink haired and now that the spring is coming...I feel something is not right. Blonde hair is way more easier yes, and I know that soon I'll want it back because after all, I can't hide it, I'm a blonde bimbo girl in a fantasy world...But baby pink hair is just so pretty...And when I'm like 40 yo I will look so stupid with pink hair that this would be the time to have it, right? (okay, I'm not even near 30, much less 40 so I have plenty of time but that is not the point here...)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I went to the stables today, my dad drove me& picked me up. I spend good 4 hours there, two of them at the back of ma Lady. She's a 5 year old Shire mare. Pretty isn't she?

She goes out with Romeo, 4 year old Irish cob. Lady is so much taller than him :D Lady is something like 180cm and 900 kilos....My little pony<3!

I'll try to get someone with me to take some riding photos of us, or maybe a video too. Lady moves very nicely, she's light and willing to go. Despite the young age, she never gets scared by nothing.

Here's the second prettiest horse of the stable, just like Zorro's horse....

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

She lives in Hellville now

Latest news...welll, I've hanged with my friends(and their dogs...). She's called Muru and she's almost a german shepherd.

I also finally moved, to Helsinki if you must know. I love love this new apartment, two rooms. I'll post later on photos.

Last weekend I was working& modeling. Friday to the club for the night and then the next morning at 8 to the make up contest as a model. I can assure you, I did not sleep much...

Here's a rehersal photos from the night before the contest, yes I wore those clothes& shoes all Saturday.

After the long day, we went to shop candy. That was the highlight of the day, no just kidding. Everyone who knows me even a little, knows that I love it when someone makes me pretty and I get to pose to cameras. I have a some kind of alternative persona who is a liiiitttllleee bit of an diva....

Bad news.....what happened to my lovely german sports car....No idea how will I get to the stables to see Lady. I wish I can borrow my dads car. I really am handless without a car, I know this is bad but I'm really dependent on car...I mean, I need it for work& stables but count those out and I still cry for a car...I'm a little spoiled yes.