Thursday, March 29, 2012

Underneath my skin -there's a meatball!!

A perfect getaway is over :(

This was really my second ever Stockholm visit, the first one was when I was 12, so it's been a long time. In Sweden I've mostly hanged in Gothenburg, I have relatives nearby so...
BUT! To Stockholm & the cruise. We had this cupong for free Viking Line cruise and since we both reached just recently the magical age 21 which in Finland only means you are allowed to go to Stockholm  cruises alone...

Here I am with my luggage(note the Cyberdog sticker!!) at the terminal in high heels 

We did the whole cliché thing, ate at the buffet, shopped in tax-free(not alcohol, only candies!) and went to the club both nights. 

The biggest pear cider of my life so far

Lovely nails, I could use these all the time, minus is that they drop too easily...

Outfit of the night one, the dress is Sonja's left overs, she did not like it so I got it. Picky girl that Sonja!
Ivana Helsinki Bambi purse is my fav, but it drives me crazy because of how it has to be held.

On Wednesday morning in the metro, or Tunnelbanan. As many know, I love finding places and well, metro maps are like drugs to me. The bigger the better, but there's nothing like London underground, the love of my life. 

We had only 6h to shop so, not many outside pics. We focused to the main centre of Stockholm, T-centralen.

I tried on Juicy Couture sweater, but it was not what I wanted...wrong size and only this was left.
In NK there's a little section of Juicy Couture clothes& bags, no wallets or jewelry(I asked!)

A candystore! 


From the harbor...

This dress is from Oasis, one of the two I bought. Quite nice isn't it?

I'll post later on photos about my other shoppings, I must say they are awesome!


Mistress Mystral said...

Katoin, että tuossa viimeisessä toi mekko on pelkkää pitsiä ja olet muuten ihan alasti :DD Järkytyin hetkeksi.

Fehlgeburt said...

Mites se sun suosikkivitsi must menikään...'siveellinen kuin bordellin vessa'. Mutta kyllä, siinä mekossa on nudenvärinen aluskangas :D