Monday, April 2, 2012

Helsinki Ink & Shoppings from Sweden

Today I went to the Helsinki Ink fair, just an extempore appearance. Didn't find anything since I'm not gonna take any new tattoos(at least for a while). But yes there was very talented people and lovely tattoos. Actually the whole way of life is very familiar for me since I grew up in such environment.

Next topic, my shoppings. 
A nice summer top from Mango and a velvet skirt from H&M. 

Here the skirt shows better..

Barbie wants to party- dress from Gina Tricot. This was available in pastel mint and black also. It glitters, does not show very well in pic thou..

Because I'm a total pony manic, an unicorn shirt was a must. From Gina Tricot also.

As many of you probably know, I study at the University to become an archaeologist and I have absolutely nothing what so ever to wear at our excavations at the beginning of June. The first two weeks of June I'll be digging in Vantaa's forests. If it rains, I'll wear this jacket and be less wet. 

I'm totally addicted to MAC's lipsticks. They are the best, thou Victoria's secrets taste even better(I have one Cotton Candy flavored !). Here is a pic of my new MAC and old sesong MAC. Sligtly different colors but near enough. 

How the new one looks on me..

And finally to the best buy in a loooong time. My new 50's housewife dress. I lovelovelove it<3! 
It is in a desperate need of some ironing since I wore it at the club on Friday night. I was working, not partying. 

Funny thing with this dress is, that our customers, with whom I always have to go through the conversation about they not getting my phone number , me to dance with them, me to blow them in our bathroom or anything like that. Well, those customers doubled with this dress. Or I just want to believe it was because of the dress.

Dress is from Oasis. Not sure if there's anymore a store in Helsinki? It used to be I know...Anyone, info about how it is nowadays?

Turquoise, blue(light or dark), mint...not one of these colors never seemed like my thing, but along this dress I'm starting to believe that there's a chance of me wearing these colors in the future. Barbielook is me after all.

Fabric shows a little bit better here.

Snap shot, me heading to the club. I have a weird habit, I always wear a ponytail to work. Why, I don't know. Maybe I look older and cooler :D No I don't..

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