Saturday, April 28, 2012

Iron Sky

Only one week of school and I start my work at the excavations! 

Tonight me& my friend Anne(who is staying at my place for a while) went to see the finnish movie Iron sky. It was so cool & good. After that movie, everyone will understand why I wear heels all day every day (you'll never know when you'll need to kill some nazis, or your ex...)

Here me, at the metro

At the movie theatre...the top is brand new too...Can't help myself, I don't think of shopping as a's my career. Better pics about it later. The shoes from my last post on me for the first time, they are very nice to walk, thou the size 36 is a bit too big for me in these. Usually I wear 36, sometimes even 35(in ballerinas, UGG's etc...) but lately I've tried on some 37 shoes and they have fitted perfectly so it's weird that now a 36 is too big...the shoe sizes amaze me.

So, I highly recommend, to any science-fiction diggers this movie. Very funny, beautiful and different movie. From Finland with love <3

Dress-code was nice back then....Or am I just old-fashioned? Watch the movie and you'll know what I mean.


It was on sale, need I say more...? 

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