Sunday, April 8, 2012

Emilie Autumn@Nosturi 7.4.2012

One artist who has inspirited me for good 5 years already and who's gigs I attend whenever possible. I was lucky that I had no work this weekend & I got to go to Nosturi to see her. Amazing,talented,beautiful person. Love her & the Bloody Crumpets. 

This time I went with my high school friend Anitta. Before the show we went to a little bar called Shaker in Kamppi, I recommend, very good drinks, yam my! Thou the staff is quite.....lets just say not that friendly.

Me & my drink, it tasted sour and it had lime on it. 

I had my new velvet skirt(seen in my Stockholm shopping-post I think), high heels and a top that actually is supposed to be underwear, oops :D

New false eyelashes, the diamonds are pink. 

As we stood quite far away from the stage, the pictures are not that good. Plus my skills are not that good either. I've taken these with iPhone.

Naughty Veronica's performance was so marvelous, very talented woman she is. Someday I hope to learn  to do some moves like her with feathers. 

I bought a little things to remember this night. These say 'Plague rat' and 'Asylum army' and they have a little rat on them too. Only 5 euros for both together.

I love parfyms, I love to smell things and Contessa's cannibal scent was a must buy. It smells like childhood at the country side in our farm. Not sure if I'll wear this 'in public' but at home when I'm in my thoughts and want to remember old things from the past...And the bottle is lovely too.

All and all, the ticket price which was a little over 20e was a bargain for this kind of experiment. I really recommend Emilie's music to all of you who have had tough times, have been stapped in to heart with a knife by love, all of you who are insane even a little bit and every chambermaid in the world. I love this music, and I hope I get to spread the plague.

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"Thou the staff is quite.....lets just say not that friendly."