Nicknames: Elli, Edels, Ellis, Ellikki, Elmo
Breed: FWB-Finnish warm blood
Gender: Mare
Colour: Copper chestnut
Born: 26.04.2005
Height: Not measured, something between 175cm and 185cm, must be very close to 180cm
Lives: at Tuomarinkylän Kilpatalli

The current love of my life, beautiful, young and talented quite big but gentle and very sensitive mare Edelmädel, my first very own horse.
 How she became mine? I rented her the summer& fall 2011, then I gave her up because of school, moving and because I had other horses to ride closer where I lived. But since the first time I rode her, I've thought that this is the best horse I've ever ridden. Well, maybe Prins Alwin was better( trained by Anky van Grunsven) but not for me since I don't like stallions that much.
Edel has participated on both dressage& show jumping contests, but I'm not into that(or well, I'm not good enough for that). So for now we just go...I try to level up with my riding(hopeless..). Yes I know, waste of such a good horse to be mine etc, but I still like to ride nicely trained horses, not ex-runners or riding school material. Now I have a horse that makes it possible for me to level up. She forgives my bad instructions, and when I do right, she does rightly. She is not temperamental hothead, but gets scarred quite easily. Edel moves nicely, I love her show jumper-like gallop.
 Her nature is very childish and playful. She hates to stand still(even when I'm rising up to saddle..) and loves to open her boxes door...Once she was wandering in the stable at night and had eaten all of her neighbors hay...6kilos.

Edel is ridden by me about 5 times a week. I have lovely rental ladies, who ride her 3 to 6 times a week. She moves 2 days a week twice a day.

What comes to my horse, I want all of our equipment to be the best possible. Of course I don't have the money to only buy luxury products, but I do my best.
We have as basic riding equipment Barnsby's dressage saddle, Kiefer's english bridles with three part sniffle,Eskadron's ankle boots(for every leg). We also have one dropped noseband bridles from Jackson with D-ring sniffle.(That's what we used to have, before the thief's stole those from us...I'll be posting more of that later when things clear up).

New equipment:
Prestige, Top Dressage 17/34, black
Prestige Paris Jump saddle, 17''/35, black
Kiefer english bridle

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