Saturday, October 1, 2011

Nothing Revolutionary

I was casted in one short-film, it was a project of one girl who studies film. It was so great, I really feel alive while camera is shooting. All that is, is that moment. And I got the be the sexy one! The one who is admired and feels like Alice in Wonderland. I hope I did good work there.
Yesterday I was asked how do I found the time to do all that I'm doing, but IMO people have as much time as they want. You just need to priorise a little and cut off everything that's not neccesary and what you don't want to do.
I love to do things, I really love having a little stress and I just need things to be happening so that I can breath. Lazing around and doing nothing is not cool. Doing art, that is cool.

I have some great plans for the introvideo for Fall Formal and I have someones signed to help me.
At this moment I feel that university studies only slow me down and that I really should be doing everything else. School is not for me after all. My work(I'm the ticketsales lady at a nightclub in Sello,Espoo) started last night, the shift is from 10pm to 3am, suits me just fine. Good music, nice people and easy enough job for me.
Here's how I looked just before work;

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