Thursday, November 3, 2011

Paris, je t'aime, but there's no place like London

Guess who is back?
Yes, I got back from my lovely lovely trip and I'm already planning on 3 new to Lappland, other to Barcelona&Valencia and well, the 3rd one is a kinda secret.

Anyhow, let's see what we did during that lovely weekend in Paris and later on a week in London town. I got lots of pictures and here is only the best of and about my shoppings I'll tell ya later.

 I tried to put the pictures in time line but well... they're not. 

This is I believe from our day one on a one of the bridges over Seine. So beautiful buildings...


One obelix from Egypt! I'm going to specialise in egyptlogy, so these things are must for me...It's big. 


 One not patricularly good pic of moi...


 Yes we were at Champs -Élysée, thou we did not shop anything because of lack of time and it's rather expensive there.


 Arc de triomphe, when I was 12 & in Paris we went to the top of it, the stairs were hidious, don't really recommend to anyone.

 Funny thing about Paris is that there always is some great great, I mean REALLY big and magnifique building, which name you don't know. Have u ever heard of Madeleine? Yes, we neither. But here she is.

 Then to the more famous church. Actually, she wasn't that famous before Victor Hugo wrote the story about the Hunchback of hers.

 Some blurry pic of moi watching the beautiful Seine.

 I have this one talent. It's cause of my spatial perception is better than average people, that I lovelovelove maps& underground maps. Here I'm finding our way to somewhere important with my roots shining oops.

 C'est Moulin Rouge! The shows are quite expensive to see, so we only hang out nearby.

Drinking one drikn I'd marry if it only was leagal to, créme brulée macciato.

 Pont de Bir-Hakeim, also known as the Inception bridge. We almost slept with that one...

 That Eiffel-something thing just is in most of the pics.

 My chambermaid&moi

 Yes yes eiffel we loved you and you know that.

 Pére- Lachaise cemetiére was one must place to go, to see my great inspirator, a man who has made me me, the one who comforts me with his work(music&poetry) so much everyday. The Lizard King, Jim Morrison, my hero.

 Many others still love him, the nearby tree is full of farewells.


 The memoir statues to jews who died in the Holocaust was sceary, cool and impossible to avoid.
The zombies will rise, just telling you.

 The Palace Louvre. It is BIG and very very beautiful building. And full of art so fine.  We didn't have even close time enough to fully see it, but we did a good job and got to see the italian section(but of course) and egyptian section, the greek scupltures and well, so much more.

That random La Joconde, Mona-something et moi.

 The problem while travelling together is that there's no-one else to take photos but you two, so there's not lots of pics with us two.

 Feels like she's going to fly any second, doesn't it?

Cat mummies were fachinating. We also saw some make up&beauty care equipments of ancient egyptians, I was so busy studying them that forget to take pics.


 Sadly this pic didn't got to be very good since my camera really is not that good.

Even the streetlights were pretty. Why can't we have these in Finland? I mean who seriously thinks that ours are better?? 

 Next time I want to have diner in a boat!

 Montmartre, the part of city in which Ernest Hemingway&friends lived, I so wanna move there. The most beautiful place in Paris I'm sure.

 Let's hop to London town now.

We took the Eurostar train, it took less than 3h and wasn't that expensive. Our London pictures are not so numerous as those of Paris so only a few here. We've been so many times to London that it didn't feel that necessary to take pics so much.

Here I am with my nerd-like glasses in the British museum. The place has never been so packed with people!

Trafalgar square, notice Big Ben.

Again nerdy and in my fav part of London, the Camden town. I take my shopping seriously here...thou if I'd been richer I'd probably bought the whole part of city. I rly recommend to eat here, there's my fav foods too, moroccan and indian food....mmmm<3

We did not ride double-deckers, not once!! Should have done that...

Last night in London was especially magical, we saw the musical Wicked! Musical is one of the things that you just have to do no matter what while in London, they're so great there, nothing like in Finland.
I've actually been before to this theatre, only then we did see Tori Amos and not Wicked. 

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