Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I'm less than in 3 months homeless, I'm sick&tired of my school and I'm out of money. I have no man and 
the hours of the day just don't seem long enough for me. Still I'm writing this and doing nothing...Depresessed? Me? Never.

Finding new home seems like the hardest thing ever(okey finding the man is even harder, or I'd day getting the man). I need a place that is close enough to my horse,work and school. All of them in very different directions...a place in which I could live with my cat(okey she has at least 3 homes already,everybody loves her) and a place where it would be easy to park my car, like in central Helsinki it takes loooong to find a place to park and I need my Mercedes to get to my horse&work.

Well, some highlights from the past weeks...I went to Versace for H&M vip party with my friend, it was so cool. Thou I didn't care that much about the clothes, there was an open bar and champagne so...Very nice evening.

This is me going to Venice-theme party, haven't got the party pics yet.

And here's a random pic of me going to work I think...but I never use my glasses at work...hmm maybe to school then?

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