Monday, July 30, 2012

My Summer....

What I've been doing lately is...Workworkwork, riderideride. I'm not complaining. I love to do things, I hate sitting around at home with nothing to do except being alone. I just hate it. 

So, during this month I spend a week in Sipoo, taking care of these to lovelies, Aku&Pontcho! That yellow one stole my heart so completely...

I was not able to ride for about two weeks much, because Edel had some muscle tensions...She now seems to be fine, so no panic anyone! And I was able to do this with her everyday(and it helped)

I participated the Plague Picnic, annual meet up of Emilie Autumn fans. 

I've spend most of my moneys on Edel, here's here new summer rain coat from Bucas.

I went to Lappland for a family reunion, my relatives as far as from India and Germany were there. We visited famous winter war place, Raatteentie. Here's a monument to remind us all about the madness in killing people.

There's as many stones as there was victims, from soviet&finn army.

Beautiful place. The bunkers were awful. I can't even picture what it must been like during war...We must all be so grateful for not being there.

This is Edel's friend Stella, they are out together everyday. I've ridden Stella once when her owners were busy and I move her in the future if needed.

Then a little sad news. Our equipment has been stolen from our stable. All in all, 10 saddles,6 bridles. Our dressage Cliff Barnsby saddle and our 2 bridles. Now we have to use our old bridles, very old jumping saddle and I have no information about when we'll get new ones. I have to be satisfied with this, cause this could have ended up even worse. Now I can ride somehow...

Bugs freak her out.

Well okay, I admit. I've been partying too a...little...during summer. This is me very attractive last night at the club Vatican in Helsinki.

Ps. For next post, I'll be presenting some of my new shoppings etc.

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