Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Holá Amigós!

''When I came to Spain and I saw people party, I told to myself: What the f*ck!?''

Sweet Sangria...the most common drink I drank during the week I suppose...

Yes, I went to Spain, to Las Palmas to be accurate. We spend there a week to cut of the dark fall of the North. Wish I could do that more often...and well, actually, I've been working on my application to an education, stuertess education. Would be so cool, but we'll see what comes out of this  =)

I got some photos  about my pony, but not that many...Anyone wanna come & take pics of us? I would appreciate it!

Holiday photos...

At the pool...

 Quite cold water at first

 Me, the former vegetarian, eating medium raw meat beef...and loving every bite! Nothing compares to a good beef...!

The new sunglasses...yes they're Juicy Couture <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

One shopping centre, Las Arenas centro commercial was my fav, hence Disney Store&Primark...And let's not forget the Sfinx!!

The Beach<3 p="p">

For not posting here anything for a long long while, there's a reason. 2 jobs,Uni, and a horse. You can imagine what that is like...it's busy, but it's a way of life for me. And since I'm a lonely single girl, what else could I do? I hatehatehate to be home alone. Just not my thing.

Me @ the lab...doing archaeology!

My pony is currently living at Vantaa, in a quite small, very nice, CLEAN place. There's nice field for them to be outside and for us to ride. Much better than the earlier. Nothing nice to say about the last stable...

Getting to know the stable cat

Edels at work

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