Monday, February 6, 2012

Leather it is, fake or not

Now, from Vero Moda's sales I found two leather skirts. Had to have them both cause I could not decide which one was better. And they were really cheap. 50% off and 70% off, now that's a bargain.
Here they are....My lovely iPhone 4s took the photos.

And oc this silky dream dress had to come with me also. Sexy and I know it dress for my future dream dates(which apparently will never happen but they could in a world where good things happen to me, yes I know that's not really where we live..).

The photo does not make any justice to this baby but since my current room-mate is working right now I had no choice but put the dress in a hanger...

I was supposed to have a hair cut today but, since the hairdresser was ill I have to wait. It's gonna be a whole new head for me, can't wait you to see it! Edit, look at the end of this post ;)

The Barcelona&Valencia-tour is definitely happening,  I've been checking the flights but no booking yet.
If anyone is willing to share Spain-tips about good museums& shops, this would be the time to let me know :)

Me& Maria went to see J.Edgar- movie, because Leonardo DiCaprio just is soooooo adorable. And one of my all-time fav actors btw, can't understand how he has no Oscar..(Luckily Leo got a Globe..:D) 

My ex-room mate Laura went to Spain to study and we had a little party the night Kokomo tiki bar in Helsinki. Really nice place & grrrrr8 food!

PVC dress from London town<3 It was love at first sight totally...this is so nice that I can wear it to parties but so casual still that there's no reason why I could not wear it at work(well okay I work at a night club so...) or even so school.

This is how I ride during winter. No saddle so it's much warmer :) And I can feel the horse& it's moves easier. If you look close you can see that his official name is written there. I luv him<3

Okey...this is big.

I cut my hair. Like for the first time in....let's see...10 years? Of course it has been cut a little sometimes, so that the worst parts go away, but nothing else.

How do you like it? I'm pretty satisfied with the result...for a while at least :)

That's an iPhone 4s, one of the many loves of my life... ;D

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