Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Busy busy bee

Yes I'm still on a holiday and still I've been extremely busy, doing what, nothing much really!(edit.Holiday ended Monday and the lectures are back..)

Living in capital area takes time. I mean, to get ANYWHERE it takes at least 15minutes. In 15 minutes I get to my closest mall and that's it. No-one I know lives near, I need my car to get everywhere. To the stable to see my unicorn it takes 35 MINUTES! Unbelievable yes.

Well, now my ex-room mate, from my days in Far-east (translates to Kuopio), lives here with me until 21st of January I think so she takes my time too. And then there's work, training, horse and I've even been to Sipoo(the countryside of mine, 40minutes from the centre of Helsinki). When my life gets 'normal' I try to get my school things organized and start to plan my trips. To Spain and first right after my TWENTEEN ONE b-day to Stockholm. I mean I need clothes &shoes etc and nowadays I've become well...very picky and the shops in Helsinki are just not good enough.
And you know what?! There's a Juicy Couture boutique in Stockholm!!! Another good shopping tips are taken gladly... =)

New year's promises? I have quite a few, to stop waining about my life(which is awesome and I love it<3), to become a better rider(this is kinda tricky for I get a proper horse rarely), keep my relationships clear and the last one is to love myself as I am.


After christmas, as everyone knows, the sales can be amazing. For example, I found this little box with Christina Aguilera's new fragrance with body lotion& shower gel 50% off! It was only 14 something euros at the local supermarket! What a catch.

Pps. The next post will be about my latest shoppings & I'll promise to put some effort on it..:)

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