Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Le extemporé party

Apparently it is not enough for me to hang at my work place during working hours but I randomly go there to party too. Well just this one time, last friday. We needed a party and didn't feel like going to Helsinki so, we chose my dear nightclub. 

Here's a couple photos how I looked, pretty nice even if I say so myself.

Sonja& moi, two Barbies wanted to zig a zig zaa!

Messy because well... we had to think what to wear and it can get messy then...
This is how I ended up to look.

Night was nice, I danced with random customers(hope they will not remember me next weekend..). I was not that drunk, thou it does not take much for me to get drunk. Luckily our lovely Dj drove me & Sonja home, how sweet was that!

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