Wednesday, December 28, 2011


As always I spend my holidays in Kuopio(Eastern Finland) in my grandparents townhouse. 

Here's the only pic of moi taken this Christmas. There's my dog, Topi who has been on these pages before. He's still well, begs for food and whisps his tail even thou he's almost 13 years old...

I decorated the tree, we have these really old things we always put on a tree, not new and fancy like I usually would prefer. Apples, birds, balls, bells,candles and frosty the snowman.

Apparently I have not been that a good girl this year and I didn't get that many presents. Actually, not that good presents even(yes I am a bitch because I say so). So, I introduce only the ones I liked. 

I guess this was the best, Tangle teezer, a pink one. This really works and does not hurt. Brushing hair has never been this nice, I promise.

Hush Puppies shoes. Not sure if I really need these or anything but they're cute! 

My granny is a great porcelain painter and she gave me this violet cat set. I already have very much her works, and I really like the idea that she made these for me and these are unique. 

Two american books, translated in finnish because I nowadays read too little anything written by a finn so some translated literature I have to do. So that I won't forget my native language, haha. Anyway, these are the sequals to the first book of series...The name was Luxe if I remember correctly. These are very light to read, about New Yorks rich people in 1899 -> 

I got a little money too, and oc I went to shop as soon as the stores would open...and I found this lovely 1950's stylish dress from Vero Moda. I look grown up and no-one will think I'm underaged at work(yes, a few weeks back this happened, one customer kept telling me that I must be 15 and I can't be working in a bar. I was pretty mad)

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This night we went to see the new Sherlock Holmes(by 'we' I mean me&Maria). 
Noomi Rapace was great and she is basically why I wanted to see this film. Thou...adventure movies kinda are my guilty pleasure and must admit, Jude Law is cute(sorry Maria but he is).

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