Sunday, December 4, 2011

Victoria's Secret candy

Ooopsss I forgot to tell ya about my Heathrow's shoppings. You may know that in Europe thats the only place where they sell Victoria's secrets cosmetics...and I'm addicted to those sooooo badly. Luckily next spring one store opens in London town finally!

Well, we almost missed our flight back home because I had so hard time deciding which products I will buy. 15minutes before the depart I took frangrance mist Strawberries&champagne for my dear friend Sonja and well...for me, 2 Body lotions and one frangrance mist. Those smell _so_ good that for those, I'd gladly missed the plane.

Victoria's secret is a very nice label for various reasons. For one, it's really not that expensive. If I remember correctly those bottles were like 13 pounds each or so. They smell goo-ood and for my skin they seem to work, even thou my skin can be a little sensitive. I can only recommend these lovely items.

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