Friday, December 2, 2011

Some of my London shoppings haven't yet made it to here, so now I'll introduce 'em. 

MAC's Lady GaGa lipstick. I usually dislike very much brown&nude make up....but lately I got hooked. And because IMO no make up is better than MAC's make up, I had to buy this lipstick.  I got it from London, it's cheaper there. As usual everything is so much more expensive in Finland.

Here's a silly silly pic of moi wearing it.

Lovely necklace from Claire's, it was cheap but does not make it any uglier.

New shirt under corset. It's Queen of Darkness and the back is lovely, you can see my back tattoo too. Without a tattoo this would look rather boring I think. Btw this is size small(and still it fits me!!!) I must have lost some weight.

One of London's best stores is definetly Disney store, for an eternal princess such as me, it is a heaven on earth. All I bought was this mug, I was so close buying christmas decorations but finally I pulled myself together and left those to the store. I'm not spending my holidays at home, so why waste money on decorations? Sense, makes none.

I really do need my beauty sleep, haha. Lately haven't got so much of sleep because of silly plumming renovation what is going on in my building. Looking for new home, so if you know a studio apartment in Helsinki(I'm so done with Espoo..) with reasonable rent, I'm all ears!

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