Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I am timid and I am over sensitive

I am a lioness I am tired and defenssive....

I'm having quite a stress because of everything I should do but for now I'm trying my best to forget that all and enjoy my last x-mas as a child. 

I've done some serious shoppings, mainly because my dear friend Anne was visiting me for the weekend and well, we wandered through many many stores and even Ikea so....Now I'm like broke...badly...luckily I have my job at the night club. 

Here is a Monday look o'mine, quite basic but nafty I'd say. The dress does not show well in this pic, but it's from Ann Summers(yes a pornstore) and it's called Britney. Ironic that I've been listening a lot of her lately. Too many songs seem to fit my life right now. No, I'm not ashamed to admit I love her& her music, thou my heart still belongs even more to Christina Aguilera(for her I'd go gay).

The shoes are from year 2006 from my Prague-visit. My taste has not changed that much I guess...how many of you still use same shoes as as a 15-year-old?

I already mentioned her...I ordered 2 of her albums, Back to basics and Bionic. The first I already had, but I broke it so..had to get a new one and Bionic was so cheap that I took that one too. I listened it in Spotify once when it was released, I did not like it and did not buy it then, but now I've been listening to it on a repeat and I LOVE that album. The lyrics are amazing. She seems to know me well.

A girls best friend is a small hand gun....

I'm not a make up girl. Or I used to not be, nowadays..maybe I am just a little bit. MAC is my fav label.

Todays outfit. I was not going to rave parties but to see a movie, The Girl with a Dragon tattoo. Movie was great, unless you've seen the originals&read the book. I have so...well okey, I still kinda liked it, let's think of it as a quilty pleasure. But, a hot girl kicking mens asses just is enough and while there's Trent Reznor's music, what else do we need? Men are pigs&rats.

Well...about my clothes...from Cyberdog the skirt&top and the hoodie is from Living dead souls. And in the back you can find my cat, LSD.

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