Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My girl

Hello, sorry for not posting(and sorry for posting about ponies again...haha) But I have a very very good reason for not posting, last Saturday the pony moved in Helsinki.

Here she is, FWB(finnish warm blood) mare Edelmädel, born in 2005.  Friendly we call her Elli, pretty isn't she?
Right now I'm looking for a gently rider to ride her about 2 times a week, since I'm not able to move her 7 times a week. So...If interested tell me about it :)

My little pony....Those riding pants btw, new and been on me 2 times....now they are broken since I fell , before I even got on her back xD Normally she never drops riders...just my luck this. Luckily my insurance is fair and gives me some money for new ones...Those brown ones are Eurostars so not that cheap.

The first ride after I bought her. It rained and Elli was kinda stressed out because of a new place and the rain, but all in all we are now getting used to our new stable.

My excavations for this summer seem to be over, it is possible thou that something will appear. Here's a pic from Vantaa, we had so much fun! 

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