Saturday, June 9, 2012


How can it be possible that when once in a lifetime something good is about to happen to me, it once again is taken off. I bought a pony, now she's been sick for a week and can't be moved to Helsinki. I really don't need to speak about my social life- it sucks big time. And I won't even get started on my looks. I hate myself& want to die, like Kurt Cobain would say.

I still ride Laima while the other one is three legged...Some photos my friend Anitta took last week when she came with me to the stables.

The horses are now out day& night, and must say they really love it. Here's a two year old finnhorse mare, she's very lively,loves people and always comes to salute me when I go to get Laima(who usually runs away since she's the boss of the group and doesn't want to leave them.)

.....but when I get her out she moves nicely. Who would ever believe she's almost 23...? Oc we don't do always this hard things as I've said before.

God I look/am fat. Luckily I ride big horses who carry me easily. Riding is really not the hobby for very big people...I mean, if you're like over 100 kilos you really need to watch which horse can carry you...and  over 120kilos...well...find a really muscular,big horse or just keep out of their back. Me, myself, I realize I'm already too big for little horses& ponies, Laima is quite ideal sized for me. 

After work out, taking Laima back to her group, without a saddle that is!

 Releasing Laima.

I've been shopping some equipment for my pony, I bought her with her basic equipment, a luxury dressage saddle including. But...oc she needs this& that so I've started to collect things, I'll be posting soon about that and hopefully soon about my pony's new home. This week I started working on the new stable, just basic pony work occasionally so the rent won't be that big :)

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