Sunday, May 27, 2012


Why so few posts?
What I've been doing lately....

Actually,I've ridden much without the saddle( and I kinda fell this week once, good to get dropped every now& then, just that I don't get too arrogant)

My first job as an archaeologist, or well, as a digger. This is what I do 8h per day for one and a half month. Three weeks left.

Without make up, burned skin, very sexy outfit etc....But in the woods I have zero interest on my looks. With this My Little Pony-shirt, my work mates told me I'm the least contract killer like of us, I was kinda hurt...

Weekends are nice, when I'm not working at the club ,I even have a free weekends like this yeij! I went to  terrace for the first time this summer with Maria, we drank sangria& ate tortillas. After that a movie, The Avengers.

I'm buying a new it is! Who was the one to say, 'size does not matter?' I know I didn't....Men,horses&cars you know....the bigger the better

And to the BIG news.
I mean, this is HUGE. 
I just bought a pony.

Those how have read my blog before, have seen her already. I rented her before, last summer&fall, she is FWB, born 2005 a mare and very highly trained. She's about 180cm tall and her name is Edelmädel, aka Elli. 

Here's few quite crappy photos of us yesterday. She lives currently in Siuntio, and she's moving near me, only 15 drive, on Saturday.And yes, she is all mine.

An old pic of us, better quality.

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