Sunday, May 6, 2012

I rarely get to any club, other than the one I work at, so here's some pics of my 1st of May-party...I had a very nice time, met many of my friends. Every now & then it's good to go out, even if I'm a pony girl and a little bit of an couch potato.

At the bus stop, I just love that pvc dress, I could wear it everyday<3

Camping at some stairway....

Heading back to home from PRKL club...

At the end, here's some photos of Laima&me working, I forgot to post these earlier...

Haha, I look funny...galloping without stirrups

Fine mare that Laima :)

Next time without a saddle maybe...When I get someone to take photos :) Actually these photos I post, lie a little bit, because what I usually do with Laima is go hike in the woods. We quite rarely do this kind of work...She's old after all so we just enjoys each others company mostly.

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