Friday, May 4, 2012

Cherry cherry Lady

Lady is my other caballo. I ride her once a week, we do some 'dressage' and usually if I'm in the mood I try to teach her some western. You know, I ride without hands, using only my voice& legs&ass...:D But that depends very much on a day how it turns out. 

Isn't she such a small mare? No? Only 180cm/900kg...

I hate the way I sit on a horse. I'd love a decent trainer and a horse that could do things really, not one I need to be teaching myself...

When she puts her head down and moves with her back up, I love it. This is how she should move always.

Don't we look serious riders here? Lady is only just turned FIVE so, it's natural her training is not that far yet.

I've started to look a horse I could buy, but it turns out, not that easily done. I'm quite demanding I admit. I want a mare, and tall mare preferably(this is flexible thing since I'm not that tall myself..I just love riding tall horses....). I want her to be young, 10 is too old, I need her to be able to jump weekly(so healthy legs...), easy to handle(not afraid of any 'normal' things, like cars,vet, blacksmiths etc..) and well...her training should be more than mine but as we know, I'm not that talented on dressage so it's not hard to find a horse that knows more than I do.

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