Monday, September 26, 2011

The universe is not made of atoms,it's made of stories

I have decited to start write my blog in english. Mainly because I feel that I should practise my english and this should be fun. For both of us, you get to laugh at my poor grammar and I get to laugh at my even more poor spelling. Lalaaaa so let's give it a try!

This first(in english) post will not be so fun thou.

Friday morning was just an usual morning at first, I didn't have any lectures so I hadn't dressed at 11am, I was just lying on my bed thinking about getting dressed and taking the subway to library so I could study and prepare my presentation about Mohawk Indians. Suddenly my phone rang.
It was my mom, crying her heart out. All the words I could understand were 'Topi' and 'Cancer'. Two words I'd never want to hear in a same context.

I decided right away to take the first plane or train or what ever to Kuopio, to see my lovely little dog for the last time.
I took a train. I could not drive my car, Mercedes or not, I could not focus on driving, not now, not for several hours anyway.

Even thou the vet had told my mom that if she was her, she would not watch our dog over the weekend, we did watch. We know that he's not going to get heatlhy and that there is not that much time, but we just can't let him go since the only thing ,that we notice, is different is that he has cough. Mainly the nights are bad but at daytime it doesn't bother at all. He gets painkillers,just in case and we take him to the vet as soon as he does not act happy. Right now he is okey, he begs food, loves to smell things while on a walk and acts normal.

However, I know that this might be the last time I ever see my dog. It kills me, but I could not be that selfish that I'd take already him to the vet for the last sleep. My mom will definetly be there for him the last time and if I only can, I will too.
The weekend went so fast that I didn't have time to do anything else but spend time with my dog,mom, Lisbeth(the cat) and grandparents. Friday I didn't realize to take my riding stuff with me, so I didn't go ride Helmi or Liekki.
Anyway I had the time to go through some of my old stuff and I found my old VCR's, H20(I still have nightmares of that one, but there's Joseph Gordon-Levitt so...I can deal with my nightmares and only watch as far as he is in the movie...) and others I took were Amélie, Aladdin and Inventing the Abbot's(Joaquin Phoenix and Liv Tyler<3, I'm afraid that if I remember correctly this one does not work so well because I have bought it used). I also found my old Dinosaurus book, it's so great, I got it as a Christmas gift when I was 11 or so. The information has changed a lot after that but nevertheless it's a lovely dino-book.

Monday morning I took a plane from Kuopio back to Helsinki. I just love aeroplanes...They make me feel free,like anything is possible and I love it. I love to watch cities and forrests up in the air.

''One day I'll fly away
Leave all this to yesterday
Why live life from dream to dream
And dread the day when dreaming ends''

And in this context, I must add, GUESS WHO IS IN MOULIN ROUGE NEXT MONTH???? Could it be..hmm..let's see...Me and Maria perhaps?

U all see that little red button?? That stands for HitRECord and I'm part of the crew now<3 Yes my boss is Joe and this is cooool.

Thursday was full of hope, I got my first ever mail from the States, HitRECord's RECollection, I was so happy.  But I will save this story for later. 

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