Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Like Robert Redford, what is the point of Robert Redford?!

While listening to Spearmint's song "Say something else" for a long time I realized the following;

I think I've been lost for a long long time, and now I'm getting back to who I really wanna be, and to what I really wanna do.

I want to study, to have a good education for sure.

I want to ride, maybe not to be as good and it to be as big part of my life as now.

I want to have fun with my friends

I want to travel more, at least twice a year.

I want to learn better french.

I want to look good(I mean to really take care of my looks and be stylish my way)

What I have thought for a long long time is that I want to find a man, to date etc. But nowadays, not so sure about it, maybe I'm better off alone, maybe at this time I am not ready to give up other things to date, I want so badly so much of life, that love just does not fit in right now. I need time for myself, to be selfish. Owning a beautiful, the best horse there is, is enough a family for me for now.

Since I haven't written here for a long while, I got much to say. But I'll save something for later, maybe I got an inspiration to write more here....not sure yet!

Anyway, to a very bad news :(
Some of you may remember my mom black kitty cat Lisbeth, she died today. A car or a truck ran over her, the death was quick but I will miss her. She was a cat who never licked anyones butt, did what she liked and when she liked. Showed always when something is not okey by meowing very loudly and using body language...Lisbeth was named after Lisbeth Salander from the Millenium triology, and she could not have more fitting name.
Liisa lived almost 4 years with my mom, we never learned how old she was, but we guessed maybe now about 5-7years. I won't write more about her, since it is too painful.

Now, to a more cheery topic. 26.9-.30.9 I went to Palma de Mallorca, Spain. The city was nice, hotel was very smooth(Melia Palas Atenea), food was great. I went to pool everyday and got a little tan, I burn very easily so I need to be careful with sunbathing.

 Strawberries& cream for dessert, yammy!

Getting ready for a party night!

I hate to pack, here is my most important packings, Apples&shoes. Actually, I forgot my passport home and needed to drive from my stepmothers home to my home and to the airport...luckily I got in plane on time.

A room with a view

The Tourist

 Hello, I love champagne, do u?

I also love KFC, luckily we don't have it in Finland, because I would be even fatter than now, if we had.

I love Disney movies. And stores. I controlled myself and only bought a plactic glass with a picture of a Sleeping Beauty.

This shop was really inviting, this kind of spice shops were quite numerous in Palma, I don't know how to cook so I did not buy any spices.

If I was a rich girl nanaannanaa-naa, one day I will reward myself with a Louis Vuitton Neverfull-bag. That day ain't here yet unfortunately...

Palm trees! 

A strawberry daiquiri! I also had strawberry mojito, that was very good.

These two food-pics do not do justice to my very favorite event of the vacation. A night at the indian restaurant, you don't order there, they just carry food to the table. And it was so good, 4 courses and red wine. Six different main courses, including banana which I hate, that was only thing not cool in that night. ...The toilets had kama sutra paintings, there were candels, roses and elphants everywhere around the restaurant and the atmosphere was "orgastic" as one of our group said.

Back to the list, what I want from life....I wouldn't mind if my life would include one of these...

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