Sunday, April 14, 2013

An usual weekend...

First things first. A new car to go with :)

The pony has been better & the best lately, on Friday we had a teacher.

I actually got a video of this ride, it's only a few seconds long since the battery died when the horse started to move nicely. We are planning to attend on a easy dressage contest next month, not sure what is going to happen. My goal is to get 60%, I have never ever done this before so I'm not sure if I am being too ambitious.

Laserpoint weekend! I had to work on Friday night at the club, so I only went to the event on Saturday. I had a private car & a driver and all. I love being VIP. I went there with 'my' people, my kinda brother and best friend(well, she was working there but still). 

The dress is from Cyberdog, yes it would look better on me if I was skinnier, but stressing about my weight is not gonna make my life better, only worse so I try and not think about it that much.

Next week I try to find time to post here more, I have some nice stuff I'd like to show you, and the mail man should bring some more this week!

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