Monday, February 4, 2013

Not dead yet

Hello, long time no see. 

I've been ignoring this blog since I've been too busy with my life. I hate that all my time goes mostly with studies,work and the pony. Not sure if this is the life I want. Coming home every night to an empty house kills me. Being alone all my nights off, is not that nice either. I have friends yes, but since I'm busy, my schedule is tricky and I don't get to see them as much as I would like.

Now I'm changing my other job, from a burger place to a more glamorous house. I will start tomorrow as a waitress. I'm becoming more and more aware that maybe my place isn't at the University making science, but in a restaurant doing more practical work. Actually, at December I got a chance to go to stuertess course, but I changed my mind( I wanna be a ballerina! WRONG) . I decided to suffer through my studies for a couple of years more, to become not a master but a candidate. 

Couple pics I found from my phone, it's nothing special.

Tarte au citron <3 cake="" fav="" my="" p="">

During X-mas I went to Lapland, and visited shortly my old hometown Kuopio, there I met my cat Ruusu preefly. 

In Lapland we had a tree, decorated with Disney themed balls and dolls. The dog Army was a bit suspicious about cameras...

With Edels things have gone terribly. She hates the renovation guys, and is very unhappy and scared...Hard to ride. Some days are better, some are nightmarish. Here are a few pics of a good day about a week ago.

What a smart looking mare, isn't she? ..More like a 


Vicky Walve said...

Ihana nähdä kuvia hyvinvoivasta Ellistä <3 toivottavasti teillä on kaikki hyvin :-)

Fehlgeburt said...

Elli voi oikein hyvin,ollut täysin terveenä. Asutaan nykyään Vantaan Seutulassa Alsbölen tallissa(entinen Fredbacka) helmikuussa remontista valmistuneessa tallissa. Ainut inhottava juttu on ettei ole päästy yhtään hyppäämään tällä uudella tallilla kun sinne ei ole vielä hankittu estekalustoa ollenkaan. Eikä ole nakertanut talviloimeaankaan yhtään vielä!